Mission and Vision

Committed to your satisfaction at the best price

Made With Love


We are a microenterprise selling and marketing waffles in which we include different flavors, for example: peach, strawberry and blueberry, we also add chocolate, jam and various toppings. Our sales are made in El Grullo and Autlán, our purpose is to offer our customers a rich dessert of the best quality at a good price, so that our customers have a good time and are happy.


Be a microenterprise known for its quality products, improve our sales position to offer customers better products and provide a better service. In addition, we want to increase our sales and implement a branch in the Grullo


Our company has different values ​​such as the responsibility to deliver our waffle at a good quality and at a good price, we are also committed to be a company with good organization and hygiene, and have humility because we want our product to be accessible to all, but the most valuable thing we have is the love we give our customers, because we sell waffles Made With Love


Our goal is to attract more customers to our stand, as well as increase sales, because last time we didn't have many sales nor were there people beside our stand or in its surroundings, because we didn't promote ourselves adequately.