Since the start of this company

Made With Love


This company arose from a school project which was based on forming a microenterprise with the elaboration of serveral ideas. We decided to focus on the production of selling waffles, at first we tried to innovate a little bit by selling salty waffles, but this idea was an absolute failure so we decided to opt for the conventional sweet waffles but with the peculiarity that these come with different fruits in the back as if it were a fruit salad, besides different flavors.

Enterprise Development

Having ready our second idea we decided to start producing what we agreed on, it was sold better and it seemed more attractive to people, our company began to grow and we decided to make foreign sales which turned out very well

The Partners

We are studenets in the Bachillerato Tecnologico de El Grullo.


Susana Valdez
Tania Espinoza
Dylan MorĂ¡n